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2009 The Graduate Equity Fellowships, CS University, East Bay
2009 The GOLDEN KEY, CS University, East Bay
2009 Dean's and Honor's Lists, CS University, East Bay
2008 CAREER BAY, Design Award, CS University, East Bay
2007 Dean's and Honor's Lists, Laney College
2006 Guy and Louise Condrott Scholarship Fund, Inc.

2014 FILE - ASCII Graphic Glitch Art - Electronic Language International Festival at FIESP Cultural Center - Ruth Cardoso, Brazil
2014 GOLDE, Gallery T, Net-Art, France
2013 HYSTERIA THE ARTIST IS ONLINE | Gallery 0nline, In Real-Time Net-Art
2012 Transient Spaces, FLOAT Gallery, Oakland, CA
2013 COLORS, Berkeley Civic Art Center, Berkeley, CA
2012 Transient Spaces, FLOAT Gallery, Oakland, CA
2011 Oakland Graffiti, OPEN SHOW SF BAY AREA #27, SFCamerawork, CA
2011 Body, Land & Water, Senior Exhibition California State University, East Bay
2005 Thinking Pink, Laney College & ProArts, Oakland CA
1998 An Alternative Wedding, Coffee As If, Design school of Tel Aviv, Israel

2015 MALTA (PORT 37:45) SPAMM International Digital ArtFilm Project, NYC, Paris, Moscow
2014 “ASCII Graphic Glitch Art" FILE - Hypersonica Screening FILE 2014 - Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2014 ART, FUN & RECYCLING - Expressions Gallery Berkeley, CA
2014 ASCII All Over You - Overlaid Reality, Hangzhou, China
2014 I AM AN ASCII ARTIST – FIESP Cultural Center - Ruth Cardoso, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2014 The Wrong - ROJO - New Digital Art Biennale: Swimming poolpiranhas WWW
2014 Digital Zoo - Furtherfield Gallery IRL of glitch worx 0P3NR3P0 London
2014 MON3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US - Furtherfield Gallery IRL glitch worx, London
2014 HOMELESSNESS - Berkeley Civic Art Center, Berkeley, CA
2014 HOMELESSNESS - Expressions Gallery Berkeley, CA
2013-14 MON3Y.US - an online exhibition of digital &, El Pais | Spain, Furtherfield | UK, The Creators Project VICE | INTEL | USA, The Collector Tribune | Italy, Metropolis M | Holland, MoneyLab | Institute Networks Culture | Holland, Prosthetic Knownledge | UK, O Fluxo | Portugal, Arshake | Italy,  Wired | Italy, USA, Kraut Magazine | Germany, Revista Select | Brasil, Nicola Mariani | Italy-Spain, Post_Media | France, L'Identità Aumentata | Italy, FAD | New York-London
2013-14 I AM AN ASCII ARTIST - The 5ft, SPAMM (SuPer Art Modern Museum) Nomade Art Space in Hangzhou, CHINA
2013 GOLDEN WARM WATER - The Wrong - ROJO - New Digital Art Biennale online Art-net: Transfer | Brooklyn, Smart Objects | Los Angeles, Paradise Hill | Melbourne, Mutuo | Barcelona, Plutón | Valencia, TAL | Rio de Janeiro, Espacio Tumba | Buenos Aires, Hit The Dirt – Santiago de Chile, NNM Studio | Lima, LabLT | Montevideo, Un Lugar | Quito, Áncora | Valparaiso
2013 CYPRESS - ģ̶Ł̶1̶ɫ̶C̶ʮ̶_Δ┌┼ \/\/\/\/\/\/!┬ jonCates Glitch Art with jonCates at Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum && online at Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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